Founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad


The Mutual Beneficial Association, Inc. (MBA) is a Fraternal Benefit Society formed to help railroad employees and their families. It currently serves not only the railroad community, but individuals and other companies either affiliated or associated with the transportation industry.

MBA was founded in 1913 and incorporated in the state of Delaware. Today, as at its founding, MBA is owned and managed by its members. It has a long-standing record of excellence and offers its members the financial stability of over 105 years of service.

As a fraternal benefit society, MBA is part of a system unique in its focus on volunteerism. Fraternals provide financial and organizational support to help their members perform educational, religious, patriotic and benevolent activities that benefit individuals and institutions in their local communities and states.

MBA has a rich tradition of conducting programs and projects of value to both individuals and the communities with which they are associated. Because of this commitment to such worthy causes, MBA is legally recognized as a tax-exempt organization.

The Association offers competitively priced permanent and term life insurance for the entire family.

MBA offers high-yielding annuities in the form of IRAs (both Traditional and Roth) and Tax-Deferred Savings programs. Both plans are no-load (have no sales charges) and have no annual service fees. They enable the member to earn a good return and defer taxes until the funds are withdrawn.



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